Feel free to send me one of these in my ask:

c = 20 crunches
s = 20 squats
h = 20 high knees
j = 20 jumping jacks

body transformation in progress!


8 fresh oranges with 3 handfuls of ice blended on high for a minute. Seriously the best tasting OJ EVER.
And yes I’ve hardly been online lately because I’m in the middle of my senior year exams (the ones that determine your end of year result/what university you can go to etc) and I’m really pushing myself to do as best as I can… I don’t know if it’s my own pressure, the pressure of the current system or just that everyone around me is feeling really stressed/sick but I feeel yucckkk. My life isn’t sunshine and rainbows (no ones is) so I’m just letting you know I’m really feeling exhausted at the moment. And that’s okay. Got ma fresh juice, English notes and cosy bed all ready for today’s non stop STUDY SESH. Only a week of this to go πŸ’›πŸ˜˜πŸ˜œβš‘οΈπŸŒ› shout out to fellow year 12’s feeling the strain and hope everyone in QLD survived the QSC (who cares though right?) πŸ˜‹ x

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Can we just take a second to appreciate how awesome it is to workout to Ariana Grande’s new album… Ugh I love her, such a young Mariah.

post workout shit hair woooo!


Challenging myself to a month of steady healthy eating/going to the gym! This is only my second day of gymming in a row this week, did an hour on the elliptical/stair master thang today :)

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I’m in this photo contest with @adventureguidebc on instagram, and I would absolutely love it and be so grateful if you guys could please go vote for me! It’ll only take a second and it would mean so much to me… all you have to do is:

1. click HEREΒ or on the picture below (this is the one entered into the contest)

2.Β click the little thumb underneath the picture to vote!

Thank you so much in advance, hope your day is as lovely as you are! xx.

damn baby carrot bags always tryna lie to me

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Today’s post-workout goodies

: almond butter, bananas, and strawberries, with a glass of milk on the side (not pictured).
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Today my intention was lightness. I often feel heavy because i have a big build and am strong, but i was reminded That lightness is mostly in the head :) yogipeach

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pure bliss 😍
mango sorbet β€’ raspberry-mint-lemon balm sorbet β€’ banana-raspberry-sage icecream
homemade from frozen fruit.

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Green smoothhayy of mango, banana, synergy greens by vitalforce, abundance bush flower essence, coconut water, turmeric, @loving_earth maca, poured into a tall glass of passhionfruit guts! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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